Regardless of how similar two people are, or how many interests they share, once they’re married, compromise will come into play on a variety of topics, especially when buying a home. Perhaps one of you is in love with vaulted ceilings and bay windows, while the other prefers a cozier, less open home. With both of you having to live in the home you buy, being able to agree and make compromises will be crucial to your long-term happiness in the home you share.

Before you even start looking for homes, make sure to be open about your feelings; what you do/don’t like, and what you can/can’t live without. Knowing what the both of you want beforehand will allow you to look for homes that include some/all of these things. If you don’t communicate what you’re looking for to each other, you may find that the both of you are looking for very different things, which can lead to a lot of headache.

If both of you tend to be impulsive, you may be in for trouble. Buying a home is a huge investment, and when you buy based on emotion instead of reason, it can lead to financial difficulties down the road. Be sure to set firm amounts in terms of buying prices and mortgage payments that you know the two of you can afford, especially if you’re living on a single income.

Be willing to compromise, and don’t take advantage of your partner’s willingness to do so. If you and your partner find a home and both agree that it’s the home of your dreams, congratulations! Also, be careful not to pinch yourself because, odds are, you may be dreaming. In reality, different people will resonate with different things. As mentioned above, some folks love homes that are illuminated all hours of the day with natural light, while others may prefer a little more control over their surroundings. Either way, if one of you appears to be making more concessions than the other – be careful! Things like that can lead to resentment down the line. Also, living in a home you don’t like could ultimately leave one person feeling depressed.

As long as the both of you are able to communicate with one-another effectively and are open with your feelings, odds are you’ll find a home that both of you will be happy with.