Pretty much everyone who is selling their home wants it to sell quickly, and there are loads of things that can be done to increase the chances of that happening. One of the most important things to do to help sell a home quickly is to make it look inviting. The more inviting a home looks, the more house hunters are likely to check it out, and the more people interested in the home, the more likely one of them is to make an offer.

Making a home look inviting can be a lot of work, depending on the state of the property when it goes on the market. Sometimes, landscaping will need to be upgraded, painting may need to be done, and repairs may need to be made. Even the right “For Sale” sign can help a home seem more inviting. The sign is an often overlooked, but important, feature. A simple sign that displays that the home is for sale will do exactly that: notify passersby that the home is for sale. Maybe they’ll take down the number, maybe not. Using the sign to simply advertise the availability of the home is a waste when it can be used to entice house hunters into taking a closer look. After all, if there are several houses available in a single neighborhood, why should they be more interested in yours?

Adding phrases to the sign that flaunt the features of your home are far more likely to pique a prospective buyer’s interest than a simple “For Sale” sign. Phrases like “Newly Listed,” “3-Car Garage,” “Hot Tub/Pool/Jacuzzi,” or even things like “Move In Ready” and “Beautiful Inside” can catch someone’s attention and entice them into following-up. Be creative, be positive, and above all: be patient.