When you’re selling your home, showing it to the public can be stressful. After all, each person viewing the home is a prospective buyer, and their scrutiny can be maddening. However, viewings, if done right, can make or break a potential sale. Here are a few tips for when you’re showing your home that can help make for a more successful viewing:

  • If you have an agent showing your home – let them do it! Sometimes, a person likes to take a hands-on approach to showing their home, but real estate agents are trained and equipped to do it in ways that most others aren’t. Step back, relax, and let the professional you hired work their magic.
  • Light up the room. If the sun is shining, keeping the blinds open will let in more natural light. If it’s night, make sure you have enough lights on so that the rooms are well-lit. Light makes rooms look larger and more inviting, and every little bit helps when you want someone to make an offer.
  • Leave some – but not all – of your furniture in the home. When everything is removed, the house can look empty and uninviting, but with a few pieces of furniture a “house” will look more like a “home.”
  • Remove personalized items. Things like pictures, posters, books and bookshelves, etc. should be removed and either sent to your new home or kept in storage. You want viewers to imagine their pictures on the walls, their books on the shelves.